Spare Parts and Seals


FTI: Spare Parts and Seals

We all know that down time can be very costly. With FTI’s sourced spare parts capabilities at your disposal, you will receive replacement parts quickly and be back in business in no time.

Allow Us to Make Your Life Easier

Here at FTI we pride ourselves on our long term relationships with some of the finest instrument and parts manufacturers in the industry. Let our purchasing team know how they can help you keep things running smoothly.

Easy Reference for Replacement Parts and Seals

Every machine we sell includes a user’s manual with a detailed spare parts list for quick and easy reference. It may be time to upgrade your Mass Spectrometer, replace a filament, or change out worn-out seals. If you need help with leak test parts, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you with all of your parts needs.

Rely Upon FTI’s Excellent Reputation For Parts Provision

In addition to our reputation for robust and reliable machines, FTI is also known for providing our customers with world-class service and support. This in-depth approach to customer service is applicable to our spare parts division. We ensure that every customer finds the part that they need, and prioritize on-Time Delivery with every order.

how can we help you?

FTI takes pride in developing leak detection systems at the leading edge of technology. We offer various proven methods of leak detection including pressure change, Mass-flow and Mass Spectrometry related methods (Helium and other tracer gases).

Contact us today; we look forward to helping you with your leak test needs.

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