Serving the Automotive Industry

Accurate, repeatable and reproducible leak testing systems are critical to the Automotive industry, and as the industry continues to evolve, our technology must match the speed of innovation. By committing our efforts towards producing high-quality leak testing, such as tracer gas atmospheric accumulation or hard vacuum leak tests, we can help ensure reliability for every piece of automotive components our customers produce, from radiators to battery enclosures. Discover for yourself how FTI supports the automotive industry and get in contact with our team today.


Hard Vacuum Leak Testing

The optimum leak-testing methods for the automotive industry use vacuum technology, which is why FTI is proud to be a leading hard vacuum leak testing for this industry. There are several types of hard vacuum leak testing processes that can be used for automotive components:

Hard Vacuum Mass Spectrometer (Inside/Out) Leak Testing for Automotive Applications

The “Inside Out” testing method is a type of hard vacuum mass spectrometer test that quantifies leaks without being affected by volume or temperature. Because of this, “Inside/out” leak testing is most commonly used to verify the integrity of automotive fuel tanks.

Hard Vacuum Mass Spectrometer (Outside/In) Leak Testing for Automotive Applications

As for the “Outside In” vacuum testing method, this type of hard vacuum mass spectrometer test reveals leaks that allow outside elements into a component, making it applicable to electric vehicles, for example. This test can locate important leak areas where substances such as water could potentially leak into the battery and cause damage.

Our Automotive Leak Testing Systems Are Not Limited To Vacuum Leak Testing

While FTI is certainly an accomplished vacuum leak tester for the automotive industry, we also offer an assortment of other options, from pressure decay testing to differential leak testing. By providing our customers with a variety of choices, FTI remains an adaptable leak test provider that can meet any customer’s needs.

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