Energy Distribution

Leak Testing for Energy Distribution

It is crucial that key components are thoroughly leak tested and verified as being structurally sound. Whether our energy distribution customers require voltage arresters or lightning arresters and capacitors, FTI has a leak testing solution for every project. Because energy distribution depends on leak testing equipment to ensure proper protection against moisture leakage, FTI uses high quality hard vacuum leak testing technology for most energy distribution projects.

energy distribution

Hard Vacuum (Inside/Out) Leak Testing for Energy Distribution

Hard vacuum (inside/out) leak testing is the primary leak testing method used for the energy distribution industry. These projects generally require a very sensitive testing method, making Hard Vacuum leak testing ideal since it is capable of detecting leaks as small as E-9 Std cc/Sec. While this method does not pinpoint the exact location of leaks, it will be exactingly accurate in detecting even the most miniscule leaks present during testing.

Temperature and Time Independent

Hard vacuum (inside/out) also proves to be the ideal leak testing method for the energy distribution industry because it is both temperature and time independent. Because hard vacuum leak testing is not dependent on factors such as temperature and time, this leak test is capable of meeting high standards for both flexibility and repeatability.

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