Air Mass Flow

Air Mass Flow Testing is a technology that can determine the rate in which a fluid or gas leak flows. This testing method is used for calibration purposes, when products and applications must meet certain flow requirements. These leak-detection instruments measure and record the flow of leaks, capable of leak detection within a range of 10-3 Std cc/sec. When our customers come to us with large volumes of parts that need testing, or when those parts are highly elastic, we often recommend air mass leak flow testing.

air mass flow

Advantages of Air Mass Flow Leak Testing

There are several useful benefits of air mass flow leak testing. Explore a few of these advantages below:

An Economical Leak Testing Solution

An advantage of air mass flow leak testing is that this method is significantly less expensive than comparable leak-testing methods. While still maintaining considerable sensitivity to leaks, this air mass leak testing is able to present itself as an economical solution. Additionally, this leak testing method is non-destructive, which further reduces the testing costs.

FTI Supplies Rugged Air Mass Flow Leak Testing

FTI understands that our customers often require leak-testing methods that will withstand difficult environments and harsh use. Because of this, we ensure that our customers have access to air mass flow leak testing. Which is notable for being durable. With FTI’s air mass flow testing equipment, you are able to invest in leak testing that will stand the test of time.

Air Mass Flow Leak Testing Is Operator Independent

Another notable advantage of air mass flow leak testing is that this method does not require an operator during use. By eliminating the need for an operator, not only does this method allow for a more streamlined approach to leak testing, but it also consequently reduces the labor costs during these processes.

Air Mass Flow In High Production Applications

Mass flow is commonly claimed to be more stable and sensitive then pressure decay or pressure differential. In some cases this may be true, however, the difference in limitations between Pressure Decay and Pressure Differential vs. Mass Flow should be considered negligible, because they all are subjected to the same physical limitations.

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