Immersion Dunk Tank

The immersion dunk tank leak test is one of the more traditional leak detection methods. It involves immersing a pressurized part in a water tank, which will reveal escaping bubbles if a leak is present. FTI offers this method for those applications that specifically request it or for low budget/low production challenges.

Reduced Downtime

FTI has developed dependable dunk tank leak testing equipment that is not only easy to operate, but able to withstand frequent use. By producing long-lasting immersion dunk tank testing parts, FTI reduces the amount of time spent repairing equipment.
Additionally, our products are engineered to be accessible when the need for repair eventually does arrive, reducing the resulting downtime even further. FTI values the time and energy of our customers, which is why we make a great effort to optimize our immersion dunk tank leak testing systems.

Responsive Immersive Dunk Tank Supplier

FTI is proud to boast world-class service and support to our customers. Beyond providing our customers with high-quality products, we prioritize making the ordering process as streamlined and helpful as possible. Moreover, FTI offers all-inclusive pricing and on-time delivery, and is constantly looking to further improve the customer experience. Partner with an immersion dunk tank testing supplier that puts you first– partner with Future Technologies, Inc. today!

In-Depth Training for Immersion Dunk Tank Leak Testing

While immersion dunk tank leak testing is one of the more straightforward and standard methods of leak testing, FTI still encourages our customers to take advantage of our in-depth training services at no additional cost! Our clients’ benefit from the decades of experience FTI has gained over the course of our company’s history, resulting in efficient immersion dunk tank leak testing procedures.

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