Hard Vacuum (Inside/Out) Mass Spectrometer

To become your preferred provider of production leak testing systems, we provide a wide range of testing methods, including hard vacuum leak testing. Hard vacuum (inside/out) leak testing is capable of detecting leaks as small as E-9 Std cc/Sec. As an “Inside Out” testing method, this type of hard vacuum mass spectrometer test reveals leaks that are located within a part, making it a common detection method for products like fuel and HVAC components.

hard vacuum

Advantages of Hard Vacuum Mass Spectrometer (Inside/Out) Leak Testing

High Sensitivity

One of the most notable advantages of Hard vacuum mass spectrometer testing is that this method is highly sensitive. While this method does not pinpoint the exact location of leaks, it will be exactingly accurate in detecting even the most miniscule leaks present during testing.

Temperature and Time Independent

Yet another reason to consider hard vacuum (inside/out) as your leak testing method of choice is that this leak test is both temperature and time independent. By not being as dependent on factors such as temperature and time as other methods, this leak test is capable of meeting high standards for flexibility and repeatability.

We Encourage Hard Vacuum Mass Spectrometer (Inside/Out) Testing Use Whenever Possible

FTI uses the latest proven high quality components available, prioritizing saving both production time and money for our customers. Because FTI strives for simplicity in leak testing for ease of operation, we often encourage hard vacuum mass spectrometer testing due to its dependability and adaptability to a wide range of applications. We only recommend testing where appropriate however, so this test is only suggested when it simultaneously meets all customer’s specifications.

Why Use a Helium-Based Leak Detection Method Like Hard Vacuum (Inside/Out) Testing?

There are many advantages to using a helium based leak detection method such as hard vacuum (Inside/Out) mass spectrometer testing. The tracer gas itself presents numerous benefits, including:

  • Inert Properties
  • Readily Available
  • Reasonable Price
  • Dry
  • Low Natural Background (5ppm)
  • No Restrictions On Emissions

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