Sniffing (Helium-Hydrogen-Halogen)

Atmospheric sniff Leak Testing is a simple method of leak testing that uses sniffer probes to detect gas leaks and pinpoint the area that is leaking. Sniff leak locating is highly effective at sensing and locating micro leaks and is best suited for checking lower volumes of parts. At FTI, we provide sniff leak testing that is capable of detecting leaks within a range of 1.6 x 10-1 to 1×10-5 scc/s.


Advantages of Sniff Leak Testing:

Low Cost Sniff Leak Testing

The sniff leak testing method pinpoints the location of leaks using tracer gas. Since this method does not require a vacuum chamber or complex equipment, this method is an affordable leak detection method in comparison to other options. While effectiveness can be limited in certain environments, there are many situations where this low cost test can prove just as effective as more expensive testing solutions.

Sniffer Leak Detector Technology for Fast and Reliable Testing

Sniff leak testing is one of FTI’s simpler testing methods. Because of its straightforward design, the sniff leak testing method is also able to be implemented quickly and efficiently. Please be aware that tracer gas sniffing leak testing does not quantify leaks.

“Design For Flexibility” and “Design For Maintainability”

FTI uses off-the-shelf non-proprietary components and software, coupled with a straightforward “open” system design in all of our leak-testing methods, including tracer gas sniffing. This provides our customers with the option of servicing the systems themselves, ready access to service components, and minimal service-related down-time. Consider these FTI Advantages when searching for a sniff leak testing provider.

Is Sniff Testing Right for You?

If you are unsure if sniff leak testing or a different leak testing method would be the most ideal testing method for your application, then you have come to the right place. As a Solution Integrator, FTI offers an unbiased selection of the leak testing process that is most appropriate for our customer’s needs. This is another reason why we take customer service so seriously; we are committed to clear communication and enjoyable collaboration with our customers, ensuring that they receive the best possible results.

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