What We Need From You

Before FTI gets started on a project, there are a few questions that our customers can answer to receive the most efficient ordering experience. These questions help us to determine exactly what leak tests and services are best suited for customer needs:

  • Do you have part prints of the component “as tested”?

  • How many part versions are there?

  • What is the weight of the part(s) to be tested?

  • What is your Leak rate specification?

  • Do you want to test from Outside-In, or from Inside/Out?

  • What number of parts do you need to be tested per year?

  • What is the number of work shifts required?

  • Ideal Takt time, or cycle time?

  • What degree of automation is desired? For example, will the part be loaded manually or with a robot?

  • Do you prefer manually installed seals or automatically actuated seals?

  • Do you prefer the Allen Bradley or Siemens PLC brand?

  • Is electrical power available at the final manufacturing facility?

  • Is compressed air pressure available at the final manufacturing facility?

  • What is the preferred brand of Pneumatic components?

    If you do not have preference, we can make recommendations.

  • Metric or standard construction?

  • Machine paint color?

  • Will we need to scan the part serial number, or will it be entered manually?

  • Will your network be requesting the leak testing data from the machine?

  • Will the machine operate in the USA, Canada, or Mexico?

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