EV Battery Trays & Covers

EV battery trays and covers are often the primary barrier preventing electricity and water from coming into contact. It is vital that EV battery trays and covers are properly tested for leaks. FTI regularly takes on this all important challenge, offering our time-tested experience as an asset to our customers.

As a leak testing company that often serves EV battery tray and cover testing needs, we understand that currently all battery cells must be manufactured to comply with IP67 or IP68 standards, and because of this we produce tests to help our customers achieve these levels of quality.


What Leak Test Is Best Suited for Your EV Battery Trays and Covers?

Helium Accumulation Testing for EV Battery Trays and Covers

All EV battery trays and covers must be tested using Helium Accumulation leak tests. While FTI offers an excellent selection of leak tests, not every situation will benefit from certain test elements.

Due to the large size, volume and area of most EV Battery enclosures, combined with the required leak rates and production rates, Helium Accumulation leka testing is an excellent solution. Since accuracy is crucial when dealing with batteries and battery components, the Helium testing method is the ideal choice for these types of applications.

This method is temperature independent and part motion and flexing independent.

Hard Vacuum Leak Testing

If the production rate for EV Battery trays and covers must be increased, the hard vacuum leak test is another viable option to consider. We offer “Inside Out or Outside In” testing methods to best suit your testing preference.

This method is temperature independent and part motion and flexing independent.

Can Pressure Decay Be Used to Test EV Battery Trays or Covers?

Because EV battery trays require such stringent rates of accuracy, pressure decay leak-testing methods are not ideal for EV battery tray and cover testing. In fact, if a customer were to use Pressure Decay testing instead of Helium testing for these products, the tested battery trays and covers would unfortunately not meet the quality standards for IP67 and IP68.

While Pressure Decay Leak testing is an excellent test for many applications, it is not suited for this type of project, especially as it is temperature dependent and testing repeatability and reproducibility can be negatively affected. Moreover, this type of testing becomes less reliable over large areas and large testing volumes, which further disqualifies it as a reliable EV battery tray or cover option.

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