Medical Components

As a trusted testing partner for distribution testing, packaging materials qualification and product testing, we understand that Medical device manufacturers are depended upon to produce safe, sterile medical devices and packaging. Medical device packages must undergo integrity testing to meet industry standards, as do countless types of medical devices themselves. We provide time-tested expertise and equip ourselves with cutting edge leak testing quality in order to meet your specific needs.


Which Leak Tests Are Most Beneficial to the Medical Component Manufacturing Industry?

Medical Components come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and as such the industry requires a variety of leak testing options to suit each part’s unique needs. Explore a selection of our available leak-testing methods below:

Pressure Decay for Medical Components

As one of the most commonly used testing methods, it is important to find a pressure decay leak test provider that is both reliable and efficient. Because pressure decay leak testing is very simple and not expensive, it is the first method to be considered for most Medical Component projects. One factor to consider, however, is that this test’s efficacy is dependent on certain temperature factors. In some cases, therefore, the repeatability and reproducibility of this test may be compromised. If that is the case, we invite you to explore our other leak testing options!

Helium Testing for Medical Components

The Accumulation leak test is a testing method used to detect leaks without the use of vacuum chambers. As a company that is dedicated to leak testing, we know what works when it comes to accumulation leak testing. Explore the advantages of working with Future Technologies.

Air Flow Testing for Medical Components

Air Mass Flow Testing is a technology that can determine the rate in which a fluid or gas leak flows. This testing method can be used for calibration purposes, when Medical Components must meet certain flow requirements. When our customers come to us with large volumes of Medical Parts that need testing, we often recommend air mass leak flow testing.

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