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FTL Products, Inc. Is
Manufacture and Calibrated Standard Leaks in our on-site FTL Products, Inc. ANAB Accredited ISO/IEC 17025 Calibration Laboratory.

calibrated leak testing

Calibrated Standard Leaks are used to calibrate your leak testing machine to your leak rate specification. We offer calibrated standard leak manufacturing, re-manufacturing, and re-calibration.

Future Technologies, Inc. recommends that you re-certify your leak testing machines before each shift, and re-calibrate their standard leak per specification, in order to maintain accurate test output. Be sure to specify your desired media (He, N2, Air, etc.), leak rate and pressure when ordering.

calibrated leak masters

We offer leak masters built from your parts. Send us two or three of your best parts, and let us build reject master parts for your leak testing machine.

Call or click to order a new Calibrated Standard Leak, Micron Orifice Calibrated Leak, Capillary Calibrated Leak, or order your leak testing reject master today!

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FTI takes pride in developing leak detection systems at the leading edge of technology. We offer various proven methods of leak detection including pressure change, Mass-flow and Mass Spectrometry related methods (Helium and other tracer gases).

Contact us today; we look forward to helping you with your leak test needs.

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